VIMEA is an advocacy and trade organization for legal marijuana produced on Vashon Island in Washington State.

We find ourselves at time in history when another prohibition has ended and a new market is evolving, rich with opportunity for the entrepreneurial-minded.

We all want to see our island food crops survive and the best way to do that is to get entrepreneurs feeling safe and talking in public.  By creating an environment where good people in the community feel the social freedom to start these businesses, we can be more assured that it will be done with the island's long term health in mind.

Whether you want to be a grower, processor or want to add a “wake and bake” option to your bed and breakfast, now is the time for decisive action.  Get involved.  Folks all around the island are having small group discussions and now it is time to broaden our conversation and to plan, trade skills and expertise and give each other some moral support.

Our primary intentions are...

...to create a positive environment so good neighbors feel safe to start legal marijuana businesses without being socially ostracized

...to assist our island's entrepreneurs to get up and running on a competitive timeframe

...to advocate for the quality and healing effects of Vashon Island marijuana specifically

...to encourage marijuana entrepreneurs to donate a portion of their profits to healthy Island projects of their choice to sustain our community and lessen the inevitable social impacts of our new cash crop.

By taking these actions we will play a role in the successful integration of legal marijuana agriculture in a way that leaves our community socially intact and our food crops thriving.