Shango Los in Selected Press Coverage

Featured In

Newsweek Magazine, Spring 2016, Weed 2016 Special Edition, Five page feature on opening a cannabis business, print edition only

Modern Farmer, November 2011, Weed Island: Is Washington’s Vashon the Proving Ground for Legal, Local Pot?

CannaInsider Podcast guest, The Napa Valley of Cannabis – Vashon Island with Shango Los

North Coast Journal, Humboldt County, CA, January 2014, This is What Legalization Looks Like


The Northwest Leaf, April 2014, 8 Questions for the Islander

The Vashon Beachcomber, October 2013, Islanders consider Vashon’s future as a pot producer

ABC News Australia, July 2014, Vashon Island: Boutique marijuana crop seen as lifeline for struggling farmers on 'Weed Island'

Ganjapreneur, February 2015, Shango Los: Establishing a Local Cannabis Trade Organization